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European History Reloaded: Curation and Appropriation of Digital Audiovisual Heritage (CADEAH)


Utrecht University (UU)

Eggo Müller (UU)
Project leader
Eggo Müller is professor of Media and Communication at Utrecht University and leader of the CADEAH project. His research and teaching focus on the history and the transformation of television, popular and participatory cultures in the digital media environment. Read more
Abby Waysdorf (UU)
Abby Waysdorf, a native of Washington, DC, is a postdoc with the CADEAH project, researching how individuals and groups reappropriate and recirculate heritage materials. Read more

Umeå University (UMU)

Pelle Snickars (UMU)
Principal investigator
Pelle Snickars is professor of media and communication Studies at Umeå University. He is Umeå University's principal investigator on the project. As a researcher he is affiliated with the digital humanities hub, HUMlab. Read more
Roger Mähler (UMU)
Software designer
Roger Mähler, Umeå Uiniversity, is a software designer with the CADEAH project, building and refining the technologies for tracking and tracing appropriated audiovisual heritage online. Read more

Institute of Contemporary History, Prague (USD)

Adéla Gjuričová (USD)
Principal investigator
Adéla Gjuričová is a senior researcher at the Institute of Contemporary History, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, Prague. She principal investigator of the Institute of Contemporary History on the CADEAH project. Read more
Petr Roubal (USD)
Petr Roubal, Institute of Contemporary History, is a postdoc with the CADEAH project, researching the narratives of European history in appropriated digital heritage.
Vítězslav Sommer (USD)
Vítězslav Sommer, Institute of Contemporary History, is a postdoc with the CADEAH project, researching the narratives of European history in appropriated digital heritage. Read more


Jolan Wuyts
Junior Collections Editor / Coordinator V4Design
Jolan Wuyts currently works in the Europeana Collections team to improve collections visibility, to support campaigns, and to offer more non-curated thematic collections. He also coordinates Europeana's end of the V4Design project. Read more

EUscreen Foundation

Sonja de Leeuw
Chair EUscreen Foundation
Sonja de Leeuw was Professor of Dutch television culture in the European context at Utrecht University and initiator and coordinator of many European projects, o.a. Video Active and EUscreen. She is also involved in Digital Humanities projects. Read more

EUROCLIO - European Association of History Educators

Steven Stegers
Executive Director
Steven Stegers is Programme Director at EUROCLIO, where he has worked since 2006. In his time at EUROCLIO, he has focused predominantly on projects in which educational resources are being developed as part of a collaborative process. Read more

Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH)

Lars Wieneke
Head of Digital Research Infrastructures
Lars Wieneke has worked in multiple international projects and networks. He coordinated the development of histoGraph, a new tool for the indexation, exploration and analysis of multimedia archives. He was also a co-head of the Europeana taskforce on User-Generated content... Read more

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Johan Oomen
Manager Knowledge and Innovation
Johan Oomen is Manager Knoledge and Innovation at Sound and Vision. He is also member of the Web and Media research group at the Free University Amsterdam where he explores the relationship between online public participation and online cultural heritage.... Read more